We care for our employees not only during business hours, but also when facing the hardship of everyday life. We know that a happy and confident employee is the value of our company.

We try to provide support and help our employees in every area of ​​her life when it is needed. We focus on the development of our employees, offering them numerous internal and external trainings, as well as assigning them tasks that allow them to constantly expand their competences. The feedback we receive from our employees shows that PharmaVitae concern for high quality of work and life is important to them and valued.

“While working at PharmaVitae, I gave birth to two wonderful kids. I did not have the slightest doubt whether after my maternity leave my position would still be waiting for me.”

Dobrochna Madejek
Warehouse Deputy Manager

“The wedding was a very important moment in my life. PharmaVitae supported me on this new chapter of my life. I received a shopping voucher to IKEA for our first flat.”

Anna Tokarska

“During summer holiday I was unable to find childcare for my daughter, and so I called PharmaVitae saying that I cannot come to the office and would work at home. There was no problem with home office.”

Ireneusz Wojciechowski
Logistics and Production Manager

“I remember my first days at PharmaVitae very well. Everyone was helpful and open. It turned out that starting a career in a new company does not have to be stressful, but can be an interesting adventure.”

Jakub Bagiński
Analyst in the Purchase Department

PharmaVitae Office

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e-mail: biuro@pharmavitae.pl