The PharmaVitae office, located in Pruszków, is responsible for the good organization of the entire company. This place is highly functional and modern, with convenient parking and practical spatial solutions.

The location at Aleje Jerozolimskie is easily accessible by employees. Our Office, however, are not about location and interior, but above all, about people. At PharmaVitae, we welcome young employees with little experience who want to pursue career in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as highly-qualified specialists with many years of experience. In order to make the implementation of the company’s projects as effective as possible, our teams combine both experienced specialists with individuals at the start of their careers, who use their experience, competence and fresh perspective.

We care for the comfort of work, trying to create an atmosphere of support and help for our employees. Thanks to this we know that we can count on their full commitment and genuine joy of everyday, joint successes.

PharmaVitae Office

tel: +48 22 207 29 06