The pharmaceutical company PharmaVitae has its own pharmaceutical warehouse, with a capacity of nearly 2,000 pallet spaces, whereas the highest quality standards ensure efficient transport, storage and sales processes.

The implemented Quality Management System guarantees that all processes in the field of purchase of medicinal products, their transport, storage and completing as well as delivery and transport to the customer, are compliant with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice.

We guarantee full protection of the quality of medicinal products through precise procedures and clearly defined rules of complaints and returns. The efficient process of cessation and withdrawing from the market ensures total safety for the patient. The activities undertaken in the distribution of medicinal products are clearly defined and subject to systematic review.

Our pharmaceutical wholesale is highly rated during both mandatory and business audits carried out by our business partners.

Both high product quality and customer service are very important to us. Our employees undergo regular training – we comply with the labor law requirements for occupational health and safety on the premises of storage facilities.

The wholesaler license allows us to trade a wide range of products in accordance with the authorization of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector: NOH.5100.20.2017.1081.MP.8.

Pharmaceutical Wholesale

Parzniewska 18
05-840 Brwinów (Parzniew)
Panattoni Park Pruszków II
Building B

tel: +48 22 244 23 08
fax: +48 22 244 23 41