We are acting in the area of ​​parallel import; therefore we have the opportunity to purchase a drug on more favorable terms, which allows us to offer to patients brand products at a lower price.

The quality of drugs imported by PharmaVitae is the same as the products prepared by their producer for the Polish market, with the difference that the information on the packaging of such drug – with the consent of its manufacturer – has been translated into Polish by us. Products from parallel import are wholesome, more advantageous products of the same manufacturer, originally targeted at another European Union market.

The full offer of PharmaVitae is comprised of products that have a packaging or label in Polish, in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Pharmaceutical Law.

All products come from the European Economic Area, which allows us to ensure their legality and maintain quality and safety. Complete information about the country of origin and entities involved in the parallel import process along with license numbers is always visible on the outer packaging and leaflet. This procedure allows the patient to offer a cheaper drug for the benefit of health.


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