PharmaVitae has opted for a recognized and proven partner in transport services. This allows us to guarantee that our transport services are timely, effective and at the highest level.

Thermotrans provides transport in controlled conditions, domestic and foreign transport. It is also a certified carrier of Good Distribution Practice, having ISO 9001 certification. The location in the center of Poland allows to quickly reaching customers in Poland and Europe.

The transport of pharmaceutical products is carried out under controlled temperature conditions in the range 0 ° C to + 25 °C. Transport of all groups of drugs is ensured to pharmacies and wherever delivery is needed. The vehicles are suitably adapted to the needs of pharmaceutical transport with a permissible load capacity of up to 3.5 tones and two-chamber cars that enable transport in multitemperature conditions. The vehicles are equipped with GPS, thanks to which we have the ability to track the car’s route and monitor the current temperature of cargo in real time. The highest level of services is confirmed by the Certificate of Good Distribution Practices and the ISO 9001 certificate, and parallel import of medicines is carried out in accordance with the law applicable in the countries of the European Economic Area.


tel: +48 22 207 29 06